Joe Hart best friend Sergio Aguero wishes good luck in life after retirement.

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Celtic FC goalkeeper Joe Hart has sent his best wishes to former Manchester City team-mate Sergio Aguero. Who announced his retirement from football because of problems. health I will always remember the good times under the Etihad Stadium.

Sergio Aguero must decide to stop playing professional football at the age of 33 years and recently moved to Barcelona for only 6 months. As a result of an irregular heartbeat that occurred in La Liga games At the end of October

Of course, the whole industry was saddened by the incident especially. Joe Hart who was in the kit of the first English Premier League champions under Roberto Mancini.  

That reminded me of yesterday that we were very close. Mr. Dan blood, the good man said sincerely, telling the old friend to take good care of himself and have the fortune to meet again.

Sergio Aguero – So sad news guys ” Opening your mouth with ‘ Sky Sports ‘

“ But I think the whole football world appreciates you as a player like you are. Every time a goal is achieved in that game. You will make everyone around you smile. ” 

“ I’m very lucky to get to know you personally. You are a great teammate. He’s also a very good friend. ” 

“ I wish you only good things in the future – it’s sad to quit like this. But I think it’s more important to look back on the magic you’ve done. has delivered that smile to those around him. ” 

“ I wish you good luck with your future from now on. and congratulate the wonderful career path Take good care of yourself too. ” 

Joe Hert joined the league two days. One FA Cup and one League Cup. Alongside the ‘ Kun ‘ the uniform ‘ Blues ‘.