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Madrid add 14 of 25 players tested to coronavirus.

Madrid add 14 of 25 players tested to coronavirus. Real Madrid is facing the COVID-19 epidemic a new wave in the club. When more than half of the football players tested positive on Thursday. Real Madrid previously confirmed that players had tested positive for COVID-19. Two of the

Paul Pogba is not suitable for Barcelona.

Manchester United‘s French midfielder Paul Pogba is not a suitable player for Barcelona. ​​According to Azul Grana’s current manager Xavi Hernandez. Catalan news outlet Diario Sport report on Thursday that. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez views Manchester United’s France midfielder Paul Pogba not a good fit

Tuchel has made progress Ben Chilwell runs outdoors hope he won’t cut his knee.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed Ben Chilwell anterior cruciate ligament injury has recovered naturally as expected. It’s time to run with weights outdoors. Excited to not have to undergo major surgery Ben Chilwell sore from the game. Who beat Juventus 4-0 last month to participate in a tournament five shots behind

Antonio Conte smiles at Locelso on the night of training.

Spurs head coach Antonio Conte said at a press conference ahead of the Leicester meeting. That in addition to the squad falling out of fitness due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team will only lack a defender. Sergio Romeno who is still missing. Giovani Lo Celso

Sergio Aguero has revealed to Barca TV after leaving the ring

Sergio Aguero has revealed that his decision to quit football for his health was a key reason after a previous heart attack problem. Argentine striker Sergio Aguero has revealed to Barcelona. After announcing his retirement on Wednesday. After suffering an irregular heartbeat for the past month