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Monthly Archives: July 2023

“Insomnia”, try to solve it by adjusting behavior and thoughts.

“Insomnia”, try to solve it by adjusting behavior and thoughts. Sleep is important to us. Because if we get enough rest, it will be another factor that helps promote good health. Nowadays, many people often suffer from insomnia, Accounting for 1 in 3 of the adult population. which

how to rest properly alleviate fatigue from work

Anyone who is feeling that their health is not good feeling tired, exhausted. From having to work hard in many places consecutive weeks or working too hard during this time Getting enough rest can help. But you need to rest properly. Get some rest, how do you do it? Most

Can drinking water reduce belly really work?

Drinking water helps reduce belly, good for skin, slow down youthfulness. Which office man neglects drinking water? or not drinking enough water each day I have to change my mind again. Because did you know that drinking can reduce belly too? Because water will cause body temperature to drop. The

10 ways to get rid of dust mites in fleas

Dust mites are one of the causes of allergies. which disturbs the sleep of those with the condition And the source that dust mites live in is a mattress, pillow, blanket or material that is stuffed with cotton and various fibers. Overall, it’s all the appliances in the