Tuchel has made progress Ben Chilwell runs outdoors hope he won’t cut his knee.

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Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed Ben Chilwell anterior cruciate ligament injury has recovered naturally as expected. It’s time to run with weights outdoors. Excited to not have to undergo major surgery

Ben Chilwell sore from the game. Who beat Juventus 4-0 last month to participate in a tournament five shots behind every item.  

However Ben Chilwell development has been positive. With the medical team stating that conservative treatment should be followed. Until the Deutsche boss thinks that the waiting time frame for another evaluation in the next 3 weeks will be good news.  

“I saw that figure and believed that I could come back. As soon as the winter was ” open mouth before the game’s official website to find Everton. (16th December)

“ He is in a good position mentally and physically. I’ve been running with weights outdoors and everything looks great. So there is hope ( no surgery ) but it would be difficult to confirm anything at this time. ” 

“It’s like we decided to cross the river. Sailing has reached the middle of the tide. So be confident in what you do to Ben and watch his situation. ” 

“ It is on the way and then we will decide that we will implement a solution within the team. Can I go beyond this moment? It all depends on the chill Powell with. “

” How long does he have to rest , what are the other options , is there any chance of doing something –  we’re not there yet to defend ourselves. and then lose concentration on the most important thing. ”

” Let’s just say the most important thing right now is Ben and Marcos ( Alonso ) and from there we will continue. ” 

Solutions of Two Michael meantime, Alonso oppose for a time to experiment with Saul Japan Vazquez. But the overall picture is not as neat chill Powell but without a clean sheet throughout.  according to report by ufabet