What is Patrick Vieira biggest challenge for Gallagher?

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Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has revealed Conor Gallagher’s biggest challenge came. After his two goals helped the Eagles win over Everton 3-1 in the Premier League last night.

            Patrick Vieira praised Conor Gallagher. After the midfielder made two goals in the 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace over Everton football team battle in the Premier League last night (Sunday, December 12. 2021). The youngster’s greatest ‘challenge’ for the future will be to maintain his current level. 

            Gallagher passed the ball past Jordan Pickford in the 41st minute. Opening the scoring for Crystal Palace before James Tomkins gave the hosts a 2-0 lead in the 62nd minute. Salomon Rondon scored a hopeful 70th-minute goal. But it was Gallagher who ended up netting for the Toffees in the 90+3 minute of stoppage time. His sixth Premier League goal this season.


  In addition to scoring goals. The England international has provided three more assists since joining from Chelsea on loan at Palace. The News can perform well in Vieira’s team. Whose style of play relies heavily on strength in the middle of the field. It is clear that Thomas Tuchel is very pleased with the player as well. Gallagher wants Gallagher to stay realistic and not get distracted by his performances. Encouraging the 21-year-old to take the attitude and keep his work rate at the same level. So that he will be able to do so. He was sure that he would be able to do what many people expected.


 “He wants to develop. humble and works very hard.” The Palace boss told reporters after the team’s victory. The challenge for him is to maintain that level to meet his expectations. Today he was great and when the team plays at that level It allows him and some players to express themselves. We have to keep challenging him. We must continue to work with him to develop further. But he can score a lot of goals.

            Palace have lost three games in the English top-flight ahead of last night’s victory over Everton. And Vieira admitted it was a ‘important’ result for the emotion in his dressing room. 

            It’s an important win for us. We need it. When you lose the last three games. and you play at home you want to win. And you look at how well we play. We are under pressure because it is not easy to come out and play like that when you lose the last three games. It shows the process of how we want to play. Even if we lost the game It’s still very good. There were a lot of positives from those games that we didn’t win. Today we show meditation. I am very satisfied with the performance of the team.