Rafa Benitez opens up after being booed by Toffees fans for chang Richarlison.

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Rafa Benitez Everton manager Come out to open up in the event of being hit by fans Toffee Men booed. During Richarlison’s substitution in the Premier League game last night. Their football team lost 3-1 to Crystal Palace.

           Rafa Benitez has blamed fans at Everton and Richarlison as the problem escalates for the hot Spaniard. The Taffy Main disciples turned to attack him with Sing against Benitez. Referring to his past at Liverpool as the belove team lost seven of their nine games in the league. Benitez also has to deal with an unhappy Richarlison. After the Brazilian was upset after being substituted in the second half in the Premier League last night. (Sunday 12 December 2021).

           This game Toffee Blue Army stormed to a 3-1 defeat at Selhurst Park two goals from Conor Gallagher. And another goal from James Tomkins makes defenders to brilliantly win the drones. Rélizon who has little influence in front was stripped of Benitez’s favorite Salomon Rondon. But the decision appear to be unsatisfactory for both the player and the a fans Everton.

           Richarlison raised his hand in displeasure before walking off the pitch as Benitez shook his head. The supporters booed for this substitution. It turn out that Rondon score for the Merseyside elite 2-1. However his goal was not enough for the team’s comeback as Gallagher netted his second goal. He and Everton’s goal help Crystal Palace collect all three points. 



        Rafa Benitez opens up after being booed by Toffees fans for chang Richarlison.  

Benitez was already in trouble with Lucas Digne. The shadowy left-back in this game again. And he’s in more trouble after Richarlison publicly disagrees. He furiously raise his hand. When he saw his number on the sidelines and couldn’t hide his anger as he sat down. When ask about Richarlison’s actions Benitez also reveal. That hidden injuries were the main reason for the substitution. 

           “It is impossible to describe every situation. Allan work very hard during the game. A few days before in spite of the problems. He can not be here. Richard Cliff Saunders had a problem with his calf. We knew and tried to defend him in the first half. He wants to keep playing without Dominic Calvert-Lewin. We just can’t risk it. We put in a fresh player, he knows, we know he’s not fully fit. I said we’d replace him in the first half and nothing would happen. He didn’t do much in the second half.”

           Meanwhile defender Ben Godfrey said: “We had a great result on Monday. And we come here with confidence. We are very sorry that we didn’t get anything from the game. And We know the standards we have set for ourselves and that may be substandard. We have to come back again. Our friends are disappointed. We are not happy with any goal. We always believe that it can be prevent. But it is something we have to learn quickly otherwise we will be punished again. We start the game slowly and we should not need reminding. That the machine or a second chance to go further. We do things that cause problems for ourselves. But that’s football sometimes. And we have to learn quickly.” according to report by ufabet