Martin Keown pointed out that Tierney would be a good new captain for guns.

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Martin Keown, Mail Online columnist supports the dismissal. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang captain of Arsenal football team for behaving improperly criticizing head coach. Mikel Arteta’s decision to make a decision. The person best suited to wear the armband is Kieran Tierney.

Striker age of 32 years is difficult to big guns. When breaking the discipline three times in Arteta resulting in a club statement yesterday. Seizing the captain’s armband with the title cut from the game. West Ham brought the criticism and opposition both agree.

Which from Martin Keown’s point of view as an alumnus was just right. But it was untimely. Because it may lead to drama digging by the media as well.

Martin Keown pointed out that Tierney would be a good new captain for guns.

“ It was a bold decision by Mikel Arteta clearly showing. That at this point their relationship has broken. It led to a change in an impromptu  Kiel Old Town as having been a ringleader  big guns open mouth.  

” Arteta inherited as captain of the ‘ Obama ‘ of the former head coach. Hugo night ‘s Amerie – a personal view that the changes should wait until the off-season. Because the familiar trend from the mass media created will disturb the focus of the players. Including from the Aubameyang side. ” 

“ And this humiliation makes it difficult for the players to carry the shame back to create a performance for the team. ” 

“ But now that Arteta has given his teeth, he has the opportunity to choose his captain in an era of power – I believe Kieran Tierry is an outstanding player to fill that part. ” 

“However the player’s relationship with the coach has seemed strange after he recovered from injury. Plus, he didn’t return to his real life right away. ”

Alternative interest from multiple streams like Mr. Dan Aaron Rams Dale. Defender’s boot Gabriel ‘s Gulf Dujail’s or Martin de Card. Who wore the captain’s armband Norwegian national team.