Liverpool boss sympathizes with Chelsea for the title, not unlike Liverpool.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists he sympathizes with Chelsea for playing so well they deserve to win the FA Cup like their own team, but insists he is happy that the Reds won.

“Outstanding, it was an incredible game. It was a very intense game against Chelsea, and they deserved it (victory) in the same way. Just like in the Carabao Cup, that’s a small difference.” Liverpool boss say.

“I can’t be proud of the boys. UFABET I have more than this. what they do They fight hard I think Virgil (Van Dijk) is fine, but his muscles are injured.

“Everything that happens in the game both missed opportunities Going through the good times at Chelsea and then we had some good moments as well.”

“After that, it was a penalty shootout, it was so stressful, my nails were all gone. But I sympathize with Chelsea, it’s their second time playing 120 minutes and you get nothing. It’s really difficult, but for us I’m pretty happy.”

“We have the same beast-like mind as the Blue Shore with the same mental state. It was just one penalty. Chelsea played brilliantly. But in the end, there must be only one winner. And that’s us today.”