Barcelona plays the role of a pavilion if Pierre-Emerick Obameyang thinks to say goodbye to guns.

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FC Barcelona find the opportunity to find a quality striker to help work in the winter market. When the situation of Pierre-Emerick Obameyang under the roof. Arsenal are gloomy. So if thinking of parting from the Emirates Stadium. The Camp Nou is ready to rest.

The report by the ‘ International de Independence  Cup ‘. That Pierre-Emerick Obameyang is difficult to ‘ big guns ‘. When breaking the discipline three times in the head coach Mikel Arteta resulting in a club statement annexed armband captain yesterday. With the title cut from the game, West Ham (15th December . C .).

There has been tension at London Colney’s training centre. Which has shattered Arteta’s decision , especially from ‘ pro-Oba ‘ groups such as ‘ fans ‘ moderator Pierce Morgan. The Gunners ‘ or the football agent who plays the Spanish boss via social media.  

Then chaos to London to hear the ear Xavi Hernandez Rodriguez Trainer Barcelona are looking at new striker to help produce scores of Gil Keokuk Aguero ‘ Kun ‘ spear unfortunate who announced retirement. with health problems, arrhythmia 

However, barriers to move the spear Gabon into Catalan is the remaining 18 months of wages is 3.5 billion pounds – per – week event that exceeded the team broke a Barcelona paid me what is the cost of the purchase. – sell again.  

There are theories about the direct exchange between Obama’s cool to be with Usman Dembele wing Frenchmans refused to renew his contract with the ‘ Barcelona ‘ as the only obligation the last six months. Currently, a tooth 2 a pound – a – week.

In the event that all parties have successfully agreed. It is based on what actually happened.