Antonio Conte smiles at Locelso on the night of training.

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Spurs head coach Antonio Conte said at a press conference ahead of the Leicester meeting. That in addition to the squad falling out of fitness due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team will only lack a defender. Sergio Romeno who is still missing. Giovani Lo Celso has already trained in a group.

Two football Arjen Stein national team tryout last week in May. The past to now join four weeks ago was seen as a positive sign versatile midfielder Logan Cale chain revive it.  

“ The current team situation has really changed a lot. Players gradually returned to practice, some were detained. Including those who have recovered to sweat, need time to get fit. ” The Italian boss opened his mouth.  

“ They need to take a while to settle again. The physical condition is perfect again. Because when the infection comes back, it’s not just 10 days anymore. 

“ When people are recovered, when they encounter this virus, they are not as strong as they used to be. That is the reason why we have to train gradually because there is a risk that more players will suffer after the COVID-19 recovery. ”  

“ No, no one has injury other than Romero, the good news is Giovani Lo Celso is available as an option. He can practice group training on Sunday. ” 

“ At the moment we only have Romero injury and hopefully Christian recovers as quickly as possible. You know that thigh injury is an important point, you know too. That it upsets players for missing out on the pitch. ”

“ But that guy is still recovering in a proper way because we really need to use him. ” 

Emerson , Brian Kil , Son Heung – Min , Oliver Skipp , Dan Scarlett and Lucas Moura have been confirmed to have contracted coronavirus for the Spurs.   Antonio Conte