Albrighton insists the Leicester City work is not over yet.

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Leicester City midfielder Mark Albrighton has stressed that despite the 2-0 win. The football team’s work is not over yet.

blue fox Open home to beat Rennes 2-0 in the Conference League round of 16 first leg on Thursday night. The second game will be played in France next week.

“When you catch the ball well you have an idea of ​​where to pass it. UFABET I cut in and pressed into the corner of the door. So yeah, I’m glad. Albrighton said.

“We said it was just the first half. Whether we win or not, there are still 90 important minutes to play and it will be hard work. But we put ourselves in a good position.

“Work and patience We showed it to the Leeds game last weekend. And showed courage without the ball. We have to run around We got the spirit back.

“We passed the ball too quickly in the first 15-20 minutes but when we got our focus, I won’t say we dominate the game. But there are times when we are comfortable. Two goals were great. This is an event where we aim to win. But these teams are doing well in their leagues. We have to go all the way to the end.”