Training to exercise the brain.

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Training to exercise the brain. May help improve brain performance. Helps stimulate the creation of nerve cells. and reduce the chance of memory loss. Brain exercise can be done in many ways health. Such as playing board games or games that require analytical thinking. Do free time activities that focus on practicing various skills or read novels, etc.

Social interaction
Talking with family or friends has a bigger effect on brain function than you might think. The research found that Interacting with people around you Especially people who make themselves happy. Helps reduce the chance of dementia UFABET 

Get enough sleep.
Everyone should get enough sleep to meet their needs and health factors. Drowsiness that occurs during the day may be a sign that the body needs more time to sleep. Currently, some research has found that getting adequate sleep may help the brain function more efficiently. and makes the brain able to remember information better

In addition to the above recommendations People who want to nourish their brain to always work efficiently You should also take care of yourself to avoid certain diseases and illnesses, such as high blood pressure. high cholesterol Overweight, depression, etc. You should also avoid factors that may have a negative effect on the brain, such as smoking, cigarettes , or drinking alcohol. Including being careful not to cause head injuries. Because it may affect the brain.