Meso Fat, Is It Really A Good Beauty Alternative?

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Meso Fat, Is It Really A Good Beauty Alternative?

Mesotherapy (Mesotherapy) or Mesotherapy One of the beauty methods that are gaining popularity right now without having to use the knife. Because it may help solve the problem of excess fat in different areas of the body or even on the face. and double chin But there are not enough studies to confirm its safety. Or side effects that may follow UFABET, so it is important to study the information about Meso Fat. To help people interested in Meso Fat to weigh the benefits and risks. Before making a decision.

What is Meso Fat?

Meso Fat is a method of dissolving in different areas of the body and improving body shape. It is one of the methods of mesotherapy treatment. It’s done by injecting a small amount of a certain compound or drug into the body. It was first developed in France in 1952 in the early days. Mesotherapy is intend to treat diseases of the blood vessels and lymphatic system. From there, it has develop continuously until nowadays. Mesotherapy may use both in the treatment of illnesses. and beauty enhancement such as treating hair loss chronic pain Orthopedic diseases Psoriasis , Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , Bell ‘s Palsy

But the most common is the use of mesotherapy for weight loss. break down cellulite and excess fat modify the shape reduce wrinkles on the face or tighten the face to look younger

How does Meso Fat have a treatment process?

before People undergoing this therapy must learn all about. both in terms of methods, benefits and risks. That may received as well as any unwanted side effects. That may occur from injecting the substance under the skin

when entering the process The treating doctor will use a small needle to inject the substance used to treat it under the skin. There various types of passenger use depending on the purpose of treatment. Substances used in the breakdown of excess fat or cellulite include deoxycholic acid, lecithin (Lecithin ) and isoproterenol. (Isoproterenol) In addition, other substances. That are not harmful to the body may add. such as plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, hormones, or certain drugs in small amounts. Such substances will cause the excess fat at the injection site to gradually break down and eliminated from the body. The treatment usually has to repeate 3-15 times and every time about 2 weeks apart.

Benefits of Meso Fat

Meso Fat is a treatment that has not clinically approve. But there is a belief that it may help solve the problem of cellulite. excess fat and can help you lose weight It is also a treatment available to most healthy people. Especially those who have problems in reducing the proportions by themselves. Because when the doctor injects deoxycholic acid into the mesoderm layer of skin. It will react with the fat or cellulite in that area, causing the fat to gradually melt and eliminate according to the mechanisms of the body.

How does Meso Fat treatment work?

Meso Fat treatment has not confirmed to be effective. But found that some patients may see results after the first treatment. But most of the people will start to see changes after about 4 treatments. The number of treatments that produce visible results is 5-10. Each treatment is inject. about 50-150 needles

Who should not do Meso Fat?

Meso Fat is a beauty enhancement method that may not be suitable for some people. Especially those who take anticoagulant drugs. have a blood clot Also, pregnant women or those undergoing treatment for cancer, diabetes, or serious health problems. Should also avoid for their safety.

Risks and side effects ?

Meso Fat may also cause side effects at the injection site. It may cause the following symptoms.

  • an allergic reaction at the injection site
  • skin infection
  • The color of the skin where the substance was inject has change.
  • Bruising at the injection site
  • Wounds or scars in the area where the substance was inject
  • sebaceous disease Panniculitis

so for safety Patients should therefore consult a medical professional. Disclose health information that may affect to prevent side effects that may occur later