Can jeans be washed in a washing machine?

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I believe that it is another matter that young men Many people are worried Can I throw my favorite pair of jeans into the washing machine? Some people can, some can’t. Today we have knowledge about this matter.

Can jeans be washed in a washing machine?

The answer is yes, but you may need to know how to take care of it a little. To preserve the fabric and keep your favorite jeans with you for a long time. ยูฟ่าเบท

 How to wash jeans with washing machine To keep jeans from losing their shape, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to wash separately with other clothes. Because jeans may fade into other clothes.
  • Before washing, don’t forget to turn your jeans inside out.
  • Set the ‘Wash’ program only. Avoid using harsh washing programmes. Because it may damage jeans.
  • Avoid fabric softener. And do not use detergents that contain bleach.
  • Avoid using the dryer. Because it may cause the jeans to shrink and the color to fade.
  • How to dry: Do not wring, it is best to air dry and let it dry on its own.

Following these tips will help extend the life of your jeans and keep them looking brand new.