6 techniques to cheat your skin for men Looks younger than your actual age. 

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It’s not just women who want to look like a timeless beauty who will never age forever. For men , they equally want to have a face that is younger than their actual age. And to take care of your face properly, here are 6 techniques to cheat your skin to look youthful. Any young man who doesn’t want his face to age quickly? Let’s find the answer together. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

1. Always clean your face well.

Most men tend not to pay attention to the skin of their faces. Especially young men who often leave their skin exposed to dirt and germs for a long time each day. Until I agreed to take a shower and wash my face. Until it causes clogged pores, resulting in acne and wrinkles. Therefore, clean your face regularly, 2 times a day, after waking up in the morning. and when taking a shower before going to bed It is recommended that if the face is too dirty To wash and clean and pat it dry with water first. to get rid of dirt Before it causes damage to the skin

2. Exercise continuously.

Exercise helps strengthen skin cells. Helps reduce wrinkles Makes the face look smooth and clear He looks like a handsome young man, who would be shocked if anyone guessed his age. Therefore, you should exercise regularly. So that the skin is fully taken care of from the inside out.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Harmful substances from alcohol and cigarettes cause the skin to deteriorate prematurely. Especially men who smoke heavily. The skin becomes wrinkled, dull, and moisture is destroyed. If you don’t want to have aging skin You should quickly change your behavior. Avoid these things before it’s too late.

4. Get enough sleep.

during sleep The body will be properly cared for. There is repair of worn out cells. Including skin cells. Young men who want to look young. You should go to bed before 10 p.m. and wake up early to feel refreshed. If you can do it regularly Guaranteed to be a young man with clear skin and an aura.

5. Do not touch your face violently.

Men often don’t know how to take care of their own facial skin. Most people rub their face vigorously regularly or even when applying nourishing cream. Scrub until the skin stretches back and forth. If you have this type of behavior, avoid it immediately. Because if you do it often Guaranteed that wrinkles will come soon.

6. Apply sunscreen when going outdoors.

Even if there is no sunlight outside But in the air there are UV rays that harm the skin that guys can’t see. So for whatever reason, If you have to go outdoors Sunscreen should be applied to protect the skin at least 30 minutes before travelling. To create a protective barrier for the skin to be taken care of more or less.

If young men take care of their skin like all of the above. Guaranteed to help your face look younger without having to resort to surgery. Let yourself become a man who is committed. Look charming with clear skin and a perfect aura for sure.