10 ways to get rid of dust mites in fleas

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Dust mites are one of the causes of allergies. which disturbs the sleep of those with the condition And the source that dust mites live in is a mattress, pillow, blanket or material that is stuffed with cotton and various fibers. Overall, it’s all the appliances in the bedroom. http://ufabet999.com

1. Do not bring too many things into the bedroom.

Initially, you should choose specific appliances and bedroom decorations that are necessary. Because bringing everything into the bedroom will make the room a mess. difficult to clean and become a source of dust accumulation easily Especially dolls or fancy pillows of various shapes. that many people like to pile up on the bed Without knowing that the interior is considered an excellent collection of dust mites Because the inside of the doll or pillow is stuffed with cotton and various forms of fiber. Plus, it’s not as clean as other bedding pieces, so dust mites accumulate a lot.

2. Keep the room open and airy, no dead corners

room arrangement airy and comfortable It will make the air ventilate well. resulting in better breathing In addition, there are no blind corners or corners that are full of stacks. will help make cleaning easy no dust accumulation On the floor should be as open as possible. There shouldn’t be anything hidden under the table or in various nooks.

 In addition, furniture should be selected that can easily clean the floor below. Because if you don’t clean the stale corner regularly will cause the dust to accumulate quite thickly

3.Keep things organized in a closed space.

Clothes and accessories in that bedroom There should be a well-proportioned storage space that can be put in cabinets, boxes, drawers, but should not be placed in a pile on the back of the cabinet. especially clothes Bedding and towels that are not used regularly Of course, this clears the space in the room for easy cleaning. and limited area of ​​various materials that can accumulate dust mites within the enclosed space To prevent dust mites from spreading and mixing with the air in the room

4. Use a dust mite-proof cover.

The most important and closest part to us is probably inevitable from each piece of bedding, including mattresses, pillows, duvets and bolsters. Most of which are stuffed with cotton, synthetic fibers or sponges, all of which are dust mite-accumulating materials. How to prevent dust mites and their feces from spreading Is to use a cover that can help prevent dust mites only on the first floor before covering it with another layer of sheets or pillow cases as usual

5. Clean appliances without dust mites.

Getting rid of dust mites requires very hot or cold temperatures. The temperature range that prevents dust mites from living is cold below -10 degrees Celsius and heat from 60 degrees Celsius or higher. Easiest cleaning to get rid of dust mites That is to wash with hot water itself. Because just bringing it to the sun or washing it normally may not be enough.

6. Refrain from using wool or flannel in the bedroom.

When there is a dust mite cover to protect the bedding on the first floor It’s not that any kind of material can be used to cover the outside. because if the pillowcase is made of fur Felt cloth or material that collects dust well There is almost no benefit from the dust mite cover.

7. Avoid carpeting in the bedroom.

          Carpeting that gives your bedroom a stylish look may come at the cost of increasing the accumulation of dust mites. If you want to reduce the living area of ​​dust mites, do not cover all kinds of carpets. Whether it’s a wool carpet Corrugated rugs or rugs made from different types of synthetic fibers in the bedroom would be better. In addition to reducing the accumulated area of ​​dust mites. It also makes it easier to clean the floor in every corner of the room.

8. Choose to use curtains that are easy to wash or stick to blinds.

Curtains are one of the most dust mite-accumulating devices. The bedding can still be cleaned and replaced all the time, but it’s rare to clean the curtains once in a while. In addition, most of the fabrics used to produce curtains are very good at collecting dust mites. Therefore, you should choose curtains that have smooth and shiny fabrics such as satin or satin that can be easily removed for cleaning. Or choose to use wooden or plastic blinds altogether.

9. Use furniture that is easy to clean.

The choice of furniture in the room also affects the amount of dust mites. Because each type of furniture has both materials that dust mites can and cannot live in. Dust mites won’t be able to live on furniture made from hard or shiny materials like plastic, wood, glass, and steel, making them a better option than upholstery, rattan, yarn, and other covers. that in addition to being difficult to clean Dust mites also like to live in these materials. If brought into the bedroom, then it must be maintained and cleaned regularly.

10. Keep the air in the room clean and fresh.

In addition to taking care and cleaning the bedroom clean. If getting an air purifier to be placed in the bedroom, it will help to make the air in the room cleaner. And nowadays, many models of air purifiers can eliminate dust mites.