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Antonio Conte smiles at Locelso on the night of training.

Spurs head coach Antonio Conte said at a press conference ahead of the Leicester meeting. That in addition to the squad falling out of fitness due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team will only lack a defender. Sergio Romeno who is still missing. Giovani Lo Celso

Sergio Aguero has revealed to Barca TV after leaving the ring

Sergio Aguero has revealed that his decision to quit football for his health was a key reason after a previous heart attack problem. Argentine striker Sergio Aguero has revealed to Barcelona. After announcing his retirement on Wednesday. After suffering an irregular heartbeat for the past month

Martin Keown pointed out that Tierney would be a good new captain for guns.

Martin Keown, Mail Online columnist supports the dismissal. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang captain of Arsenal football team for behaving improperly criticizing head coach. Mikel Arteta’s decision to make a decision. The person best suited to wear the armband is Kieran Tierney. Striker age of 32 years is difficult to big guns. When breaking

Madrid approach Michael Edwards the sporting director of the Swans next season.

Real Madrid are reportedly trying to persuade Michael Edwards. Who is out of Liverpool‘s contract at the end of the 2021-22 season. A report from ‘ The Independence Football ‘ said. The ‘ Reds ‘ announced a week before the 42- year- old football strategist’s departure from Anfield at the end of his contract.   Michael Edwards is the executive personnel

Marcelo Bielsa accepts Leeds has never played so badly.

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has taken responsibility for the crushing defeat in the 7-0 thrashing of Manchester City football team. Insisting the club have never performed as badly as this before. Leeds have lost their seventh game of the season following a 7-0 thrashing

What is Patrick Vieira biggest challenge for Gallagher?

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has revealed Conor Gallagher’s biggest challenge came. After his two goals helped the Eagles win over Everton 3-1 in the Premier League last night.             Patrick Vieira praised Conor Gallagher. After the midfielder made two goals in the 3-1